Our mission at NGM Modeling is to help aspiring models become successful influencers and brand reps. We leverage our years of experience and influence in the industry to help new and established models start or build a better modeling career.

We do our best to help all models associated with NGM Modeling reach their potential by educating them how to be a successful influencer, and by promoting them through our wide variety of channels and media.

What We Do For Models

  • We promote models on our website by giving them their own page, complete with links to all of their social media and contact info. We do not hide models from prospective clients, instead we show them off so clients can contact them directly. In essence, we give models a place to call home, and a place to direct people to see their work. This increases the models credibility and helps them land better and higher paying jobs quickly.
  • We hire and promote models through our YouTube Channel, NGM Modeling, which is one of the top online resources for model training available. Models can be hired to participate in our video shoots which happen both in the United States and as we travel to countries like Colombia, Mexico, India, Philippines and Thailand (more to come soon).
  • We hire and publish models through commercial print modeling photos shoots for use in advertising.

If you are interested in NGM Modeling please APPLY.

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