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How To Become A Model In Miami

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Miami is one of the best places on the planet to get your start in modeling. Miami is a major hub for fashion modeling and is a huge player in the design world that bridges stylings of Latin America and the United States. There are so many designers that are fresh and new to their craft making waves in the industry along with the famous brands we all know and love.

Coming to Miami in order to excel in modeling is one of the best things you can do for your career. The climate and culture lend to a certain look that is sought after by agencies and brands. As you may have gathered, swimsuit modeling is also very prominent in this market. If you want to get into this segment of modeling, Miami is the place to be. If you are new to modeling, or new to the Miami area and need to get your bearings there is a lot to learn.

Is Miami a good place to model?

Miami is one of the top spots in the world to build your career in modeling. There are ample opportunities to succeed in this market with many famous brands, highly rated agencies and an environment that is inspiring for creators and designers alike.

Coming to Miami to jump start your modeling career can get you in front of major players in the industry and give you the recognition that is needed for a career that has longevity.

What do I need to get started modeling in Miami?

The best attribute you can possess for success in modeling is perseverance. Let’s face it. Succeeding in the modeling industry can be quite challenging. You will never get anywhere if you hear a “no” from a brand or agency and want to quit. Let that fuel your fire. Ask for advice and network. Miami is a large city, but the fashion world can be quite tight knit. Meet as many people as you can and get their contact info. Spend your free time hanging out where the models and photographers do. Try to gain every insight that you can in order to build an arsenal of tool that will help you in the business.

How do I get a professional looking portfolio?

If you don’t already have a portfolio, you need one when trying to become a model in Miami. This is one of the first things an agency will want to see, so make it brilliant.

Phone a friend

There are a few ways you can achieve this without spending a lot of money. If you have a friend that has a little photog experience, they can help you create a beautiful portfolio by including what agencies will be looking for.

Agencies will want to see you in your natural state. Therefore, include a head shot with little to makeup with a natural hairstyle. You will also need to include a full body shot wearing tight clothing, so that designers and agents will be able to see how their clothing will fit you.

Alternatively, you can add a swimsuit shot. Miami is the capital of swimsuit modeling, so if you have that figure to die for, show it off and you may just have a career in swimsuit modeling. Also, include creative photos in natural lighting of you modeling stylish clothing that you enjoy wearing. Your unique personality will flow forth if you feel good in what you are wearing. Make a hard copy of your portfolio as well as a digital copy so that you can easily send them to agencies.

Make use of those connections

Another way to get an amazing portfolio is to work that network of people you have feverishly been meeting. Not only do models come to Miami, but aspiring photographers, designers and agents also flock to this mecca of all things beautiful. Take advantage of this fact and form a collaboration that can be mutually beneficial. Ask your new photographer friend to add to their portfolio of works. Have him/her take your photos and you’ll have a splendid book to show. That way, they too can add to their experience and book of work.

Which agencies in Miami are the best?

There are a plethora of top agencies in Miami to apply to in order to gain representation. Make sure you apply to more than one and don’t give up if you don’t hear anything right away. It may just be that they are not looking for your type of look at the time, but in six months, you may be the new “it” model.

Elite Model Management

Elite Model Management, founded by John Casablanca in 1977, is one of the mainstays in the Miami market. They are famous for inclusion, diversity and the making of the first supermodel. If you want a career that is robust and has longevity, Elite is the one in which to apply. Make sure you talk to decision makers often and get your name out there.

NOMAD Management

NOMAD is a a top player in the industry in Miami and prides itself on taking a model and making them their client. They help to mold and nurture new talent so that they are primed for challenging, yet rewarding work that quickly builds a book of work. NOMAD also is concerned with the business of modeling, taking on “essential matters such as accounting, international taxes, contract negotiations, legal referrals, timely visa processing and much more.” 

Are open casting calls a good way to get work?

Open casting calls are a great way to introduce yourself, in person to agencies and brands that may not otherwise see your work. Every week top agencies hold open casting calls in thirty minute to one hour increments, giving you time to be interviewed, for your portfolio to be viewed and for them to dive deeper into what kind of model you aspire to be. This is a great way to get signed or to gain recognition for an upcoming brand campaign.

If you go to Miami looking for work and representation there is ample opportunity for you to make connections and grow in your craft. When you get there, make a plan and stick to it using some of these tips to become that top model of your dreams.