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Top 18 Plus Size Modeling Agencies

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Plus size modeling is the fastest growing segment in the modeling industry with most agencies adding a plus size division. Modeling agencies consider anyone size 12 or larger to be plus size and if you fit the criteria, you qualify to be scouted by their plus size model scouts. New opportunities are opening up every year for plus size models, including a quickly increasing desire for plus size runway models.

Not every modeling agency has a plus size division though, so it is important to seek out an agency that can specialize in getting jobs for you if you are in that category. We’ve taken the time to vet the best plus size modeling agencies, all of which represent many models and place them in great auditions.

To see what opportunities we have available for you check out our apply page, or see our detailed guide on how to become a plus size model.

Best Plus Size Modeling Agencies

Dorothy Combs Models

Dorothy Combs Models is one of the few modeling agencies that represents only plus size models, making it an excellent choice for any model who wants an agency with specific knowledge of their niche. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, Dorothy Combs Models is an industry leader in the plus size modeling world. They have 76 models on their roster and are always looking for more. They are seeking models who are 5’9″ or taller and are size 10-18. If you meet these requirements you can submit on their website.

Where to apply to Dorothy Combs Models:

Wilhelmina Curve

Wilhelmina is one of the most respected names in the modeling industry and they have a curve division just for plus size models. They have offices in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and London and have built up a model roster of over 200 plus size models. They are an excellent choice for any plus size model. Wilhelmina was founded back in 1967 and has been an industry leader ever since. Applications for Wilhelmina Models can be done on their website.

Where to apply to Wilhelmina Models:

Flaunt Models

Flaunt Model Management is a New York City based modeling agency that represents 46 plus size models in their curve division. They serve clients both in New York and the rest of the United States. Flaunt will represent models who are over 18 years old, but they do not hold open casting calls. You can apply to Flaunt Models on their website.

Where to apply to Flaunt Models:

IMG Models

IMG Models is an elite modeling agency in New York city and is well known for representing Bella Hadid. They have offices in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan and Sydney. A truly large and international agency like IMG is hard to get accepted into, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back from them right away.

IMG Models Website:

TRUE Model Management

TRUE Model Management is a New York based modeling agency founded by Dale Noelle. They boast of having a strong relationship with DKNY, GAP, Ralph Lauren, Prabal Gurung and many other top companies. Applying to TRUE is easily done on their website:

Where to apply to TRUE Model Management:

Ford +

Ford models is one of the most well known modeling agencies in the world and they were founded in 1946. They are famous for launching the career of Ashley Graham, so they know a few things about being a plus size models. Ford models has offices in New York, Paris, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.

Where to apply to FORD +:

best plus size modeling agencies


Jag models was started in 2013 in New York City and takes the approach of listening to their models carefully to gain insight into what will best work for them and the agency. They don’t have standards based on size, but instead will represent anyone if they believe in them. You can submit 3 pictures to them on their website to apply.

Where to apply to JAG Models:

Bicoastal Models

As you might be able to tell from the name, Bicoastal models has offices in Los Angeles and New York. They are at the forefront of the body positivity and inclusivity movement, and take a personal approach to management. Bicoastal was founded in 2009 by Fit Model veteran Malissa Young, and has grown into a powerhouse in the modeling industry.

Where to apply to Bicoastal Models:

Curve Model Management

Curve is a German based modeling agency that works with international models. They are proud to offer their representation to both men and women and have divisions for each. They were founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2011 and were one of the first European agencies to represent plus size models. You can apply to model with them on their website.

Where to apply to Curve Models:

NEXT Model Management

NEXT New York is a talent agency in New York City that represents models, actors, musicians, dancers and influencers. NEXT was founded in 1989 by Faith Kates and Joel Wilkenfeld. Next is one of the top 10 modeling agencies in New York City. It is easy to apply with NEXT New York as they have an application directly on their website. When applying you’ll need to let them know what your Instagram and TikTok accounts are, so get those in good order before going over to apply.

Where to apply to NEXT Model Management:

Q Curve

Q Models has offices in New York and Los Angeles. Their curve division in New York features 6 plus size models. Q Models is a boutique style agency that was founded in 1998 and they are known for their progressive agents that bring a hands on approach to the modeling industry. You can apply to model with Q Models on their website.

Where to apply to Q Models:

Muse Curve

Muse Curve models are based in New York city and they represent a large number of plus size models. With a roster of 101 plus size models, they have a great understanding of the market and what it takes to make it as a plus size model. Muse prefers their models to be at least 5’9″ tall, so if you are under that height you should look for a different agency.

Where to apply to Muse Curve:

State Management

State Management has offices in New York and Los Angeles. They feature a progressive approach to scouting and a personalized approach to management. You’ll need to submit 4 pictures to apply to State Management, including a profile, close up, waist up and full length.

Where to apply to State Management:

Natural Models LA

Natural Models LA has divisions for street size, curve and plus models. They are based in Los Angeles, CA and work with models from anywhere. They have 49 curve models and 22 plus size models on their roster. It is easy to apply to work with them and it can be done at the link below. You’ll need to submit a full length and headshot to apply.

Where to apply to Natural Models LA:

Elite Model Management

Elite Model Management is an top level modeling agency with offices in New York, LA, Miami and Toronto. They handle their plus size models out of the Miami offices. Elite Model Management represents 21 plus size models, but that number is growing. As a top level agency that represents so few models, it is tougher to be signed by Elite Model Management than some other agencies. On the application they will want to know personal details such as what things empower you in life, so take some time and make the application count.

Where to apply to Elite Model Management:

Heffner Management

Heffner Management is a mid sized agency located in Seattle, Washington. They have a plus size division with 93 models represented. Heffner has been in business since 1984 and is respected in the Seattle area. Women need to have a minimum height of 5’7″ to be considered by Heffner Management.

Where to apply to Heffner Management:

B&M Models

B&M Models is smaller boutique agency located in Toronto, Canada. They were founded in 1980 and they serve models throughout Canada and North America. They have 26 plus size models on their roster and 5 XXL male models signed to the agency. They require models to have a minimum height of 5’9″ to apply and be considered for representation.

Where to apply to B&M Models:

IPM Models

IPM has been an exclusive agency for plus size models since 2000. They are headquartered in New York City. To apply to IPM Models you can go to their website to fill out an application.

Where to apply to IPM Models:

Any of these modeling agencies would be a good choice to represent you, so do your research and start submitting to the ones that interest you the most!