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7 Tips To Walk The Runway Like A Model

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It can be tough to break into the modeling industry without any guidance, so we’ve got a list of tips to help you start to walk the runway like a model. The more you practice the quicker you’ll be confident enough to walk on the runway.

Be Comfortable In Heels

If you aren’t comfortable in your heels it will show up on the runway, especially if your heels are too big or too small. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the right fit. After you are sure your heels will fit right, you need to break them in by wearing them over and over while walking.

It isn’t enough to just wear them around the house, wear them out and try them on all different surfaces. If you are comfortable in them on any surface you won’t be bothered if you get to a show and the stage is something you haven’t practiced on.

Never try to wear new heels, or heels that have not been properly broken in to a fashion show or modeling event, no matter how good they look!

Use Proper Posture

When you are walking on the runway you must use proper posture at all times. The proper way to stand is with your head up, and shoulders back. If you walk with you chin down to watch your steps it will end up looking unprofessional. You should walk as though you are carrying something on your head without looking down or tilting your head too far back.

A good way to practice this posture is to walk in your heels with a book or other flat object on your head. You should be able to carry the book on your head as you walk, stop and make turns.

Having your head up and shoulders back will also make you look taller and project confidence in what you are doing. This is important as designers will want confident models to be walking for them in a show.

Pretend there is a string attached to your head, pulling it slightly up and another one attached to your pelvis pulling you down the runway.

Moving Your Arms

Arm movements on the runway should be fluid and natural. You don’t need to try to do anything extra with your arms then they would already be doing. Over exaggerated movements are not necessary on the runway, as the attention should not be on your arms, it should be on the clothes you are wearing for a fashion designer.

What To Do With Your Hands

Your hands should be a continuation of your natural arm movements when walking on the runway. As with the arms there is nothing extra or special you need to do with your hands while walking on the runway.

Where To Look On The Runway

When you are modeling on a runway you should always be looking straight ahead. Never break your focus and look into the crowd on the side unless you’ve been instructed to play with the audience. Most of the time you’ll be asked to walk straight down the runway and not play or interact.

There are times, especially when you are modeling accessories, that they’ll want you to show them off to the crowd. In this case you can break your gaze and make eye contact with members of the audience. If this is wanted you’ll be instructed to do so.

Never try to pick people out in the audience or see if anyone you know is watching you. This will look really unprofessional.

Walk The Runway Like A Model
Always Look Forward While Walking

How To Swing Your Hips

You should swing your hips when walking, but not too much. It will be dependent on the type of clothing you are modeling and the mood of the show. If you have questions ask the designer what they are looking for. The general rule of thumb is the more formal the clothes, the less you should swing your hips.

Practice Every Day

If you want to become good at walking on the runway, practicing every day is the best way to go. This is not something you can learn in just a few hours a week, so even if you are in modeling classes, practice outside of your classes.

Eventually you’ll start to see real improvements in your walk and how well you are able to keep you head up while you walk.

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