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How To Pose On The Runway

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You’ll only have a few seconds to pose while at the end of the runway, so you need to make every second count. Knowing how to pose on the runway is critical, but it is a skill that can be learned with these tips. This will be your one chance to be photographed by everyone at the show. It is important to have a plan of what you want to do before you get to the posing spot on the runway.

In general you’ll always pose at the end of the runway, and have 3-5 seconds to pose for the crowd and the cameras. Some things you’ll need to make sure you do while posing on the runway are:

  • Pose for 3-5 seconds
  • Have a serious face
  • Face different directions
  • Don’t repeat poses
  • Make angles with your arms and legs
  • Show off any accessories

You’ll almost always want to have a serious face when posing on the runway unless it is a very playful show and you’ve been instructed to smile by your designer or producer.

In order to get photographed by everyone at the end of the runway, face a few different directions, not just one, as you work through the poses quickly.

Never repeat your poses, you’ll only have time for 2-3 depending on the show anyway.

How to pose on the runway
Practice Your Runway Poses

You should focus on providing angles with your arms and legs while posing, as just standing straight up is not a pose that will be flattering to the camera.

If the main purpose of your show is to model accessories, be sure to include them in your poses. If you are not modeling accessories, you shouldn’t be showing off anything you’ve brought yourself.

When you are a the end of your runway walk, you can make eye contact in the general direction of the photographers, this can sometimes help get excellent pictures.

Once your poses are over and you start to walk back, do a quick look back at the photographers over your shoulder and they’ll snap more pictures of you as you walk away. This is tough to do an requires precise timing, so practice this move before you try it in a fashion show.

By the time you get to your fashion show you should know the 2-3 poses you are going to do and be able to do them fluidly in succession without thinking about it. Knowing you can handle the poses will calm your nerves and help you have the best show possible.

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