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How To Do A Full Turn On A Runway

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Doing a full turn on the runway is one of the most intimidating moves you can make while performing your walk. If you are trying to learn how to perfect your full turn, check out the video tutorial that our models have put together to help you pull off your best full turn.

Full Turn On a Runway

Doing the Runway Full Turn

Most people are afraid of doing the full turn, but you don’t have to be. It is actually less complicated than the half turn, but that still doesn’t make it easier.

The full turn is something that needs to practiced and your footwork needs to be perfected. Once you can do it without thinking about it you’ll be able to clean up the entire turn and make it worthy of the runway.

As we said, the full turn isn’t complicated, but the trick is figuring out when to come out of your spin to be facing the proper direction. You’ll need many repetitions until your body will naturally know when to break your spin for you to be in the right spot. There is no other way to learn this than by practicing it.

When Is A Full Turn Done On The Runway

Full turns happen at the midpoint of the runway on your way to the front. The reason full turns are done there is so everyone in the audience can see all angles of the clothing. Full turns also require momentum, so you can’t do it at the end of the runway once you are slowing down. You should only attempt full turns at the midpoint of the runway.

Full turns are usually done in pageants and fashion shows, but not high fashion shows.

How To Do A Full Turn On The Runway

How to do a runway full turn
Runway Full Turn

To do a full turn you need to figure out which foot will be the plant foot that you spin on. Usually this will be your dominant foot, but you can use either foot. Don’t alternate back in forth during practice though as that will confuse your muscle memory.

Once you’ve planted your foot you’ll begin to spin on the ball of your foot. You should never spin on the heel. Most of your weight should be placed on that foot and the rest of your body will orbit around that point.

The most important thing is that you come out of your rotation on the same line as you were originally walking. If you come out of the spin too soon and under rotate you’ll be off line. Some models also have a problem with over rotating and they stay in the spin too long. This will cause a loss of balance and you’ll also be off line.

What To Do If You Mess Up Your Full Turn

It happens to everyone and it isn’t a big deal. If you mess up your full turn on the runway you should just keep going and act like it didn’t happen. Don’t draw attention to it, and half the crowd won’t even have seen it because they were watching something else at that time. You won’t be the only person to do it so it really isn’t as big of a deal as you might think. Stopping or trying to do it over will make it into a big deal though, so just keep going.

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