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Learn How To Walk The Runway Like a Model with Laura Issela

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One of our favorite models, Laura Issela, dropped by the studio to help show how to walk the runway like a model. Laura Issela is a highly successful model, influencer and personality on Instagram and TikTok.

There are so many different types of runway walks that you can practice and learn, so she helped us break down exactly what needs to be done for each one.

Fashion Show Runway Walk

Starting with the fashion show runway walk you’ll notice that the facial expressions should remain neutral and you shouldn’t smile much. At the end of the runway during a fashion show walk you’ll do several poses. If you aren’t sure which poses to do or how to do them check out our article and video on how to pose on the runway.

learn how to walk the runway like a model with Laura Issela

High Fashion Runway Walk

During a high fashion runway walk it is all about the clothes, so there is no posing at the end of the runway. This is the most basic walk you can do on the runway, but that still doesn’t make it easy! When you get to the end of the runway you’ll do a slight semi circle turn to head back in the direction you came from.

Pageant Runway Walk

The pageant runway walk is more bouncy and fun than a fashion show walk. During a pageant runway walk you can smile and be expressive because you are the main focus and not the clothes. It is one of the few walks where you can really let your personality shine through. You’ll also want to do more poses and turns on the pageant walk than any other walk.

Tips For Learning To Walk on the Runway

  • Always walk with one foot in front of the other as if on a tightrope
  • Keep your shoulders back and your head up as you walk
  • Take your time at the end of the runway to do your poses

How to Practice Runway Walks

  • Get a wooden dowel and place it behind your back as you walk to improve posture
  • Practice walking with a hard book on your head, which will keep your head up
  • Put your feet in the T position when you are standing still on the runway
  • Practice playing with your hair and accessories when the situation warrants
  • Change your facial expressions during practice so you are well rounded
  • Walk on different surfaces to get used to any floor you’ll encounter
  • Walk in long dresses so you don’t get tripped up when wearing one

Know When To Use Each Walk

It is very important to know when to use each skill and walk when you are on the runway. You don’t want to do a pageant style walk during a high fashion show even if you know how to do it well. If you aren’t sure which style of walk the show director and designer are looking for you should ask them. They’ll appreciate that you are taking the show seriously enough to check.

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